Development and Research Associates (DARAS) provides  research and agribusiness services to public and private sector partners in Uganda. The qualified and experienced team of professionals is committed to working with clients to achieve desired goals in an increasingly complex and dynamic market place.

DARAS was established in 2008. Since then, the company has served a wide range of partners including government programmes and institutions, NGOs, Cooperatives, Farmer Associations, Multinational Companies, Agribusiness based SMEs and philanthropists. Our solutions are developed with a practical and innovative tactic. Professional expertise is combined with the latest technology to provide full project delivery.

Development and Research Associates (DARAS) is a market-driven service provider focused on providing formative research and responsive agribusiness solutions. It focuses on providing research, advisory, financial, training, mentorship, policy formulation services and offers a platform to network, enabling them grow and scale up their enterprises.